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Review: Lattice Theory of Information

1 minute read


Claude Shannon, known as the father of information theory, is little known for his contribution to none other than…lattice theory. In this paper, Shannon introduces a metric lattice of discrete stochastic processes, but his information lattice makes sense in any setting where conditional entropy is well-defined. This paper is very short, only a half-dozen pages, but contains a numerous amount of insight into the ultimate question in his field: What is information, actually?

An Economical Guide to Galois Connections via Meta-Preferences

14 minute read


Of course, I half-heartedly apologize for the double entendre, but really it is my hope that this post will be both a relatively cheap introduction to Galois connections and be of help, especially, to economists.

Monads on a Poset

5 minute read


In this post, I will briefly describe a pleasant observation I made this morning about monads on a poset, that is, a partially ordered set. In order to get there, I will have to say what exactly are monads and posets.